Howdy there friends, my name is Marcus and I come from a little town in the great state of Texas. I just released my first solo album “I.R.A.H.T.” (Iron Rails And Hobo Tales) which is centered at the heart of being a hobo and riding old steam trains.

It’s a simple life, but growing up in a such a small town you realize how limited things can be with very little to do. I can remember sitting with my papa on his front porch as we used to count the train cars that rolled through town and during the summer nights how the crickets would sing to each other for hours and hours. I wasn’t much of an athlete in school and I never cared to much for farming, but eventually I got into something that nobody else was doing at that time in a little town, skateboarding. It led me to discovering punk music. I was fascinated by the angst and the chaos paired with loud guitars and fast rhythms and it was then that I heard the two bands that changed my life forever, The Old 97’s and The Ramones! That’s when I knew that I wanted to play music and at the age of twelve, I picked up my first guitar. As I got a little older, I played in a couple of local punk bands in the nineties, but it wasn’t until 2004 when my talents were needed outside of the d/fw metroplex. I joined up with a band from Boston called the Street Dogs and it was here where I learned about writing and releasing music and touring the world over and back again. We got to play for the troops overseas and even protested in Madison, WI on the capitol steps with Tom Morello (RATM) and Wayne Kramer (MC5) in support of the teachers rights against Gov. Walker and in 2013, I got a call from CJ Ramone inviting me into the studio to record on his “Reconquista” album. I later left that band and joined up with the Dallas based super-group Cantina (formerly I Love Math) playing on the banjo. We released “A Sea of Keys” in 2015 with the singles “Bulletproof” and “Hypnotic”.

As a songwriter, I like to take my influences and incorporate them into my style of folk and country and I’ve been told my sound is like that of Roger Miller, Murry Hammond and Johnny Cash. I had a great time writing and recording these songs and I hope you enjoy listening to them just the same. I also have a vinyl version of the album loaded with extras including a bonus track that doesn’t appear on the digital release and I hope to have an official release party sometime in the 2023. So hop on board and check out the site for some fun stuff, contact me and hit up the store for a little merchandise! 

Thank you.